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The Original DouwDouw in Cannes 2010!

Cannes, Press release may 16, 2010
Thérèse Schreinemachers-Wieske designer and owner of The Original DouwDouw at Cannes Film Festival 2010, presenting a Fashion Showcase of her designer showercap collection 2010.

Award winner of the Paris Fashion Academy 2009 at Le Bal de Paris, last December at Palais du Plessis-Belierre, Automobile-Club de France on Place de la Concorde, Paris. After receiving the Paris Fashion Academy Award from ambassador of Fashion & Tourism in Paris, couturier Jean-Claude Jitrois, Thérèse Schreinemachers-Wieske was proud to present her fashionable designer showercaps from the 2010 ‘C’est Moi!’ collection, during the Cannes Filmfestival, at the Carlton Hotel.

An original presentation on may 15th, which started with a personal preview showing by the designer herself during a lunch at the Official Film Festival Village; Plage des Palmes terrace, surrounded by numerous celebrities. Then, in the precence of thousands of spectators, The designer  walked her designs over the famous Boulevard La Croisette, to the Carlton, where the collection was presented in an unusual and exquisite setting.

The concept of The Original DouwDouw's new fashionable showercap is one that innovated the dull showercap aesthetically, as well as functionally, by providing more space to shelter the hair and by preventing water drops to ruin an already made-up face. The fashionable showercaps are designed by using beautiful colors of high quality silks which are prepared for water-repellency. Dainty accents add the final touch and give these new amazing showercaps a haute couture look!
Be beautiful in your own bathroom, enjoy the comforts of this beautiful fashion product and you’ll have “No more Drama in the Shower!”.

"The showercap of The Original DouwDouw, is one you would like to be seen with on the street!"

Each one handmade in the atelier in Venlo, The Netherlands.

The Original DouwDouw in Cannes 2010! The Original DouwDouw in Cannes 2010! The Original DouwDouw in Cannes 2010!

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