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    Winner of the Paris Fashion Academy Award 2009
    Thérèse Schreinemachers-Wieske is the creative brains behind: “The Original DouwDouw” showercap.

    Born on July 1969, on the Caribean island of Curaçao and studied fashion in The Netherlands. The designer has breathed new life into an item that is usually thought of passé and unchic.
    The showercap was developped, by the need for a functioning showercap with fashion and fun emanating.
    “DouwDouw” was the nickname given to the designer in her childhood, due to her adventurous nature.
    A graduate of the academy of fashion in The Netherlands, Thérèse’s unique touch is always feminine and meticulous. Making each showercap a unique creation, Thérèse creates dashing collections of silk water-repellent showercaps.

  • by TOSCA:

    Laeticia, is the young daughter of the designer.
    Like her mother she is elegant, sensitive and delicate yet strong characterized, mischievous, inventive and as creative.
    She introduced the small collection of showercaps for girls;
    “by Tosca”

    The unique showercap of The Original DouwDouw is absolutely fabulous.
    Each one handmade, each showercap has a double layer of fabric especially designed to enjoy the looks of the showercap and to protect the hair from water and humidity.

    Technical details Showercap
    It’s roomy construction allows those with long hair plenty of space and helps to prevent a make-up face to get wet.
    - The lining is a waterproof 100% polyester to protect the hair from water and humidity
    - The outside fabrics are waterrepellent silks or synthetics, finished with satins and ribbons, and whimsical and dainty accents that make each showercap unique